BCE Leadership Framework Capabilities.png

Spiritual formation is foundational in the growth of authentic leadership capability.

The BCE Leadership Framework comprises:

  • Two core dimensions – Religious Leadership and Educative Leadership
  • Three supporting dimensions – Staff & Community; Organisational; Strategic
  • Four domains or clusters of capabilities

Spiritual formation for leadership underpins every dimension of leadership and rinses through all capabilities. The four clusters of capabilities incorporate the qualities, attitudes, dispositions and observed behaviours foundational to leadership for the mission of Brisbane Catholic Education. Spiritual formation is integrated into each of these domains as essential to developing authentic leadership capacity: 

1. Delivering Outcomes

  • Achieving Results

  • Co-Creating Success

  • Adapting to Change

  • Making a Difference

2. Leading & Inspiring

  • Clarifying Purpose & Direction

  • Nurturing Spiritual & Religious Growth

  • Developing Others

  • Optimising Performance

3. Thinking Clearly

  • Sourcing Information

  • Evaluating Analytically

  • Thinking Creatively

  • Seeing the Whole

4. Engaging Others

  • Being Authentic

  • Listening & Understanding

  • Influencing Others

  • Fostering Relationships

Leadership Framework

Elaboration of each capability

Each capability starts with a summary paragraph that captures the essence of the capability overall. This summary enables Catholic Education leaders to have a clear and common language through which to conceptualise and describe the leadership capabilities required.

Beneath the summary paragraph are four levels, each with different descriptors, which are the observable behavioural indicators of the capability itself. The levels increase in depth and complexity of demonstration with level one being the most basic level, through to level four, being the most complex.

This structuring of each capability is provided in the example below.

Capability Example: Leading & Inspiring - Nurturing Spiritual and Religious Growth:

(Summary paragraph): Involves strengthening the spiritual formation of oneself and others within the Catholic Christian tradition in inspiring and explicit ways. It includes articulating the spirituality in everyday situations and rituals, and creating a culture where thoughtful reflection and spiritual formation are valued, encouraged and developed. Recognises and respectfully acknowledges each person’s spiritual journey while giving witness to their place within the ecclesial community.

Level 1 - Walks one's own journey: Undertakes daily practices that attend to personal and communal spiritual formation including theological reading, prayer, worship and service in community. Shares in a clear and genuine way, one’s own learning, practices and wisdom gained from one’s own continuing spiritual and faith journey. By doing so pays witness to their own formation as a model for others.

Level 2 - Acknowledges spirituality in daily life: Articulates the spirituality in everyday situations and rituals. Fosters and participates in daily rituals with others in the workplace. Creates opportunities for others’ ongoing spiritual and religious formation in ways that are integrated into the work environment.

Level 3 - Ignites spiritual growth in others: Is attentive to the individual spiritual paths to of others and introduces them to the richness of the Catholic tradition. Respectfully acknowledges each person’s own journey; provides individual acknowledgement, support and opportunity to help ignite and fan the spiritual fire within them. Encourages others to engage in theological reflection and spiritual practices to “experience for themselves”.

Level 4 - Fosters an environment of spiritual formation in the Catholic Christian faith tradition: Thoughtfully and naturally instils an ongoing climate of religious and spiritual formation in the workplace where engaging in spiritual formation in the faith tradition is “just what we do around here”. Does this in a way that embeds faith, hope, compassionate action and deeper meaning into daily activities.