This program is designed for staff who anticipate a future role as AP, DP, APRE or P-12 Head. In particular, Looking Forward familiarises early career leaders with:

  • Understanding the organisational structure of the BCE and Archdiocesan Vicariates;
  • Facilitating the development of a personal educational vision of learning;
  • Placing student learning at the centre of leadership activities;
  • Managing relationships within the school community;
  • Building professional capabilities and skills;
  • Introduction to school finances, staffing and compliance.

In this program a group of approx. 24 primary and secondary staff will meet for six full day workshops spaced throughout the year and have ongoing email contact. The program will provide six modules of interactive activities, related readings and between module activities premised around the BCE Leadership Framework. The program uses a model of professional learning which promotes:

  • Action research;
  • Personal reflection and journaling;
  • Individual and team learning;
  • Experiential collaboration and support;
  • Professional reading;
  • Scenario responses;
  • Input from expert leaders

Each of the six modules will encompass meta-themes that overarch the role of mid-level leaders in a contemporary school. Recognition of these meta-themes will acknowledge:

  • Managing up, leading down
  • Shades of grey
  • Seeing the whole picture
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Module 1: Leading from the Middle (The leadership context and capabilities)

This module locates the complexities and challenges of mid-level leadership within the respective Leadership, Learning and Organisational Frameworks.

Key Foci:

  • Contemporary Leadership
  • Conceptually Mapping Frameworks
  • Profiling self with Significant Strengths / Personal Capabilities


Module 2: Let Your Light Shine (Religious Leadership)

This module identifies the place of middle leadership within the Religious Leadership Framework and the dimensions of leadership for the transmission and sharing of faith.

Key Foci:

  • Religious Leadership as a core dimension
  • Spiritual and religious formation
  • Catholic Identity
  • Eligibility and selection criteria for BCE leadership roles
  • Profiling self with informal 360 degree


Module 3: Enhancing Pedagogy (Educative Leadership)

Module 3 examines school cultures and discusses strategies for teacher engagement with students, quality curriculum and assessment and reporting. The theories of social synergy and the commitment of staff are related to leadership behaviours.

Key Foci:

  • Exemplars of good teachers and quality learning environments
  • Engagement of teachers as curriculum leaders
  • Profiling self with goal setting and Educative leadership capabilities


Module 4: What You Do, Not What You Say (Staff Leadership)

This module examines personal traits and abilities and how these are used to optimise interactions with others. The module addresses methods of developing staff culture and the performance of others.

Key Foci:

  • Understanding the Staffing Process
  • Knowing self to engage others (MBTI)
  • Facilitating staff relationships
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Profiling self with MBTI


Module 5: Planning and Accountability (Strategic Leadership)

This module looks at the implementation of effective change processes. It also examines legal and industrial obligations with respect to productive working environments.

Key Foci:

  • OHS Standards and Guidelines
  • Thinking and planning with strategic mindsets
  • Organisational selection and recruitment processes
  • Profiling self with Strategic Leadership capabilities


Module 6: Who Gets What and Why? (Organisational Leadership)

This module provides opportunity to refine personal presence and presentation skills. Individual reflection will provide focus for further learning and career planning.

Key Foci:

  • Systems funding and school accountability
  • Designing and implementing effective change processes
  • Time management
  • Profiling self with Organisational Leadership and Eligibility Criteria




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