The most successful middle leaders make the leadership and management transition from being a great teacher within their classroom, to satisfying their achievement drive through the success of those they lead in their teams. Whilst middle leaders are often identified by their performance in the classroom, the middle leadership role requires a different set of leadership and management skills to that of a classroom teacher.

There are three key skills which middle leaders find most challenging and which we explore in detail in this program:

Stepping up to Leadership

Team-building presents a challenge for middle leaders. Due to the collegial nature of teaching, middle leaders often find moving to a position of authority over colleagues challenging. In addition to taking up authority, setting a vision and inspiring followership are key aspects of their leadership role.

Managing Team Performance

Whilst middle leaders can establish productive working relationships with their teams with ease, they often struggle and lack confidence in holding others to account.

Time Management

Middle leaders often find it difficult to balance workload, failing to delegate and prioritise responsibilities effectively.

The​ program uses experiential learning approaches of:

  • Personal journaling;
  • Individual reflection
  • Team and small group learning;
  • Scenario responses;
  • Text engagement;
  • Guest presenters.​
The program is broken into 4 parts and delivered either over 2 full days or 4 half days. The main topics covered are:
  1. Thinking and Leading Strategically
  2. Servant Leadership
  3. Leading Learning
  4. Stepping Up




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