The Stepping Up Leadership Program  is designed specifically for primary and secondary senior leaders (AP, APRE, DP, P-12 Heads) and BCEO staff who wish to understand the demands of leadership and particularly to role of manager or principal. ​

Stepping Up provides participants with an opportunity to:

  • Develop a working knowledge of the organisational structure of Brisbane Catholic Education and other Archdiocesan Vicariates
  • Be proactive in the development of a personal educational vision of learning
  • Gain insights into leading for mission, staff spiritual formation and enhancing Catholic identity
  • Focus on student learning at the centre of leadership activities
  • Develops knowledge and skills in cultivating and managing relationship within the school or office community
  • Develop and support others in building professional capabilities
  • Develop knowledge and understanding in the areas of school finances, staffing and compliance​​
Stepping Up participants meet for six full day workshops spaced throughout the year. The program provides six modules of interactive activities, related readings and between module activities premised around the Brisbane Catholic Education Leadership Framework.




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