New Evangelisation calls us to new ways of sharing the gospel in our time and culture.

Understanding what is meant by new evangelisation and what this may mean for us as we serve the Church through our ministry, employment or service on a board, council or commission will require time for prayer and reflection.

The following reflection sheets are provided for you to use within your school community as stimulus for that prayer and reflection. The resources were developed by Faith & Life, Archdiocese of Brisbane.

About t​he resources

  • Each reflection picks up a theme related to the new evangelisation.

  • These themes have been derived from the documents of the Church, teaching of popes and other sources on new evangelisation. 

  • A brief and very basic definition is provided for each dimension.

  • A number of questions are posed to help focus reflection.

Five Dimensions of the New Evangelisation

Suggestions for use

  • The exploration of one Dimension of New Evangelisation can be used as a formation activity before meetings. 

  • Distribute the Dimension well before your next meeting to give each person time to ponder and reflect alone. 

  • You might suggest just one or two questions for reflection at the meeting. 

  • It may be worthwhile to revisit the same Dimension sheets and repeat the process of reflection in the light of ongoing learning and new plans or activities being undertaken.

Other resources

  1. Dimensions of the New Evangelisation – graphic model (pdf)

  2. The New Evangelisation – Some Quotes (pdf)

  3. The New Evangelisation of the Twenty First Century – Frank O’Loughlin (pdf)





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