Celebrating Eucharist is an important part of what makes a school a Catholic school.

The Eucharist (another name for the Mass) is a Greek word which simply means ‘giving thanks’.

Eucharist invites us to give thanks for who we are in the sight of a gracious and tender God; for who we are as a community of faith and hope; and who we are in the fellowship of our daunting challenge to bring healing to a bruised and broken world. After all, this was, at the table of the Last Supper, the primary prayer of Jesus, as he shared with us his very life.

The celebration of the Eucharist is a defining way that a Catholic organisation —a school, a hospital, a parish—will give expression to its values and the energy which drives it. The Mass contains its story; it embraces its challenge; it acknowledges the sacredness of the lives it serves—all within the sacrament of this ancient meal.

(Mons Tony Doherty, So You’re Working for the Catholic Church)

Resources for Eucharist in schools:

  • Eucharist in Schools - Drawing up a School’s Policy on Celebrating Eucharist.
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  • Schools’ Planning Guide A Planning Guide for Celebrating Major Events in Catholic Schools. Brisbane Catholic Education and The Liturgical Commission (1992).
  • Order of Mass (2010 English Translation of the Roman Missal) (Word 36k)
  • Solemn Blessings for use during Liturgical Seasons or for particular celebrations (Word 25k)