Prayer and Liturgy Resources

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Staff PrayerFire Calendar

  Week by week suggestions 
  for use in staff prayer.

​​​​​​​​Light a Prayer Candle

light prayer candle.pngLink to the separate BCE Light a Prayer Candle website.
Light a virtual candle for your intentions.

Prayers by Theme / Topic 

Alphabetical listing of themes and topics for prayer linking to the resources available on this site.

 Capacities Prayers

Staff prayer resources around the nine formation capacities: Presence; Prayer; Principle; Welcome; Ritual; Journey; Purpose; Commitment; Fidelity

Be More Prayers

Staff prayer resources reflecting the Caritas Be More campaign.

 Charisms Prayers

Staff prayer resources around eight charisms reflected in the life of Jesus: Love; Peace; Hope; Compassion; Reconciliation; Service; Courage; Justice.

Seasons and Feasts

Staff prayer resources for Lent, Easter, Feast Days and Advent.

Celebration & Remembrance Days

Staff prayer resources for community days of significance.

Ways to Pray Calendar

Link to the Ways to Pray Calendar prepared by BCE Religious Education Services

ResourceLink prayers & resources

Link to ResourceLink Productions with seasonal resources, prayers and reflections.

Liturgy Brisbane

Link to Liturgy Brisbane site - education and consulting for the parishes of Brisbane archdiocese, and publishing liturgical resources for the Australian Church.

Coming Home: Meditation for Children

Link to the Townsville CEO site, Coming Home: Meditation for Children and Young People. Contains details information and resources for Christian meditation with students.

Liturgical Planning 

Links to calendars, weekly Ordo, overview of seasons, resources and planners.

Online Prayer Resources

Links to a variety of website resources and digital prayer experiences.

Liturgy of the Hours

Resources for using the Liturgy of the Hours for staff prayer.



Links to policy guides, planning guides, liturgical calendars, information and resources for celebrations of Eucharist.