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2006 saw many, many staff take part in conversation circles across schools and directorates in the consultation process around the Spiritual Formation framework, with its launch in October along with the Strategic Renewal Framework and the Leadership Framework.

Late 2006 and early 2007 also saw the secondment of Anthony McGibbon bringing to life the Staff PrayerFire project rolled out in Term 2, 2007.

Elizabeth McConnell, our team secretarial support, was appointed to the team from the start of 2007.

In 2007, Suzanne Bell joined us and was an enormous support in the organisational development of the staff programmes piloted in schools across the Archdiocese. We shared the story of this pilot experience in a most memorable candlelight celebration in October of 2007.

Br Bill Tarrant provided leadership in the Spirit Fire program as it developed through 2007 and remained part of the team until the end of 2010.

2007 also saw the gestation of The Local Formation Network who help to make our school communities’ choices in PD and spiritual formation more intentional and strategic.

Finally, late 2007 saw the emergence of MusicFire with a song created for the celebration night and launch of this website.

In 2008, this network produced a CD of songs which was warmly received and used across our schools. Since then, they have offered workshops, reflection experiences and school concerts throughout the Archdiocese and in 2013 recorded their second album of songs. They continue to be available for school celebration events and archdiocesan events.

2008 also saw Bryan Foster join us for the year and give great support to the development of the website restructure as the initiative grew and flourished. The next two phases of the community-based staff formation programs rolled out, and staff from the pilot schools began to co-facilitate the programs.

We also thank Erica Marshall and her creative liturgical skills as she provided the resources for the 2008 Staff PrayerFire project.

Judith Seery joined us for a term at the end of 2008 and put her energies into documenting the story so far.

In 2009, Greg Sunter and Brian Hickey were appointed to the team and we welcomed the continuing blossoming of excellent co-facilitators in our programs – Greer White, Paul Blundell, Alain Pitot, Cathy Galvin, Debbie Tregenza and Antonella Muscat. This group, over subsequent years, has expanded to include: Sr Mary Franzmann, John Pollard, Amanda Turlik, Wally Johnston and Greg Myers.

In 2011, Catherine Foley replaced Br Bill Tarrant and took up the leadership of the Spirit Fire program and support to Catching Fire school communities.

Enza Maloney provided the team with secretarial support throughout 2012 and now shares the role with Elizabeth McConnell.

Bill Bemelmans joined the team as Acting SEO during 2013.

 Others who have helped along the way include the staff in Information Services, who have shown unstinting enthusiasm and practical support for this venture from the beginning; the staff in Marketing & Communications, who have provided creative ideas and practical advice as we have journeyed forward; and the many staff who share in and support this work at the grassroots level.

In 2014 the Professional Learning and Leadership Development Team and the Mission and Formation Services began to work more closely. Steve Dunne was appointed as joint SEO for the two teams and members of both teams began to support and facilitate both Formation and Leadership programs.

2014 also saw an exciting new project supported by BCE. The Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project was initiated under the leadership of Kevin Twomey (Deputy Executive Director) and facilitated by members of Mission and Formation Services, Professional Learning, Leadership and Development and Religious Education Services. Simon Mahaffy was appointed in July 2014 as Project Officer to help support this project.

Music Fire launched a new CD in 2014, Led by the Spirit. This latest CD contains 13 songs and provides contemporary songs that can be used in schools and parishes.

The end of 2014 saw Greg Sunter leave to begin his own business (Whole Hearted) after 6 years in the team. Greg still facilitates many of our Catching Fire Programs and works with BCE schools and offices.

2015 began with the formal combining of the Professional Learning team with the Mission and Formation team to form the newly created Professional Learning, Formation and Leadership Team. Recognising that Formation and Leadership are interwoven, this is the next step in our exciting journey. The new team under the leadership of Jill Gowdie and Ken Avenell includes: Steve Dunne, Catherine Foley, Tammy McCartney, Simon Mahaffy, Sue Martin, Elizabeth McConnell, Jonathan Royan and Enza Maloney. We also welcomed Donna Fantuzzi in June 2015 who provides administrative support to the team. Anthony McGibbon, Marg Connors and Angela Barratt also joined the team at various times during the year while other team members were on leave and they have generously shared their excellent skills and knowledge.​