Students give thumbs up to STEMNASIUM


It's a thumbs up from Mother Teresa students for their new STEM centre

STUDENTS at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, Ormeau, have given the thumbs up to their new STEMNASIUM.

The innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centre aims to spark curiosity in students and extend their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Parish Priest Fr Subin Thomas blessed the facilities before the official opening attended by special guests State Member for Coomera, Michael Crandon, BCE Senior Leader Anne McKenny and BCE STEM team members Charlotte Pezaro, Jodi-Ann Gulley, Kerrin Hazzard, and Elke Schnieder.

Mother Teresa Principal Leigh Mirto said the STEMNASIUM was an extension to what the school offered students.

“While there is great learning going on in our classrooms, it was important for our students to know there are other options outside of those four walls,” he said.

“Our STEMNASIUM will be a place they can learn how to learn - in their own time.

“They get to experiment and have a lot of fun; it will really bring a lot of joy to their learning as well.

“Plus they get a fair voice in the direction of their learning,” he said.​

Year 5 student Porsha McDonald said she could not wait to use the new STEMNASIUM.

“I’m really looking forward to all the challenges we can do in here,” Porsha said.

“And we get to do it with our friends and have fun,” she said.

CE Senior Education Officer – Mathematics, Charlotte Pezaro, said it was great to see the students so enthusiastic about their new STEM centre.

“They will be able to explore and discover the ideas of STEM in natural contexts through their new STEMNASIUM,” she said.

"I h​​ope the experiences they have, show them the value of STEM, not just in future careers, which are very important, but also in everyday problem-solving situations.

“It’s also about having a whole heap of fun,” she said.

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