COVID-19 Update - 2 August 2021

COVID-19 Update - 2 August 2021

Lockdown extended until 4pm on Sunday 8 August  

The current Lockdown of the 11 Impacted LGAs will continue until 4pm on Sunday 8 August. This means:   

  • BCE schools in the Impacted LGAs will deliver Alternative Education Provision (AEP) for the remainder of this week.
  • BCE schools in the Impacted LGAs will remain open for students of parents who are essential workers and vulnerable students.
  • Any students attending schools this week in the Impacted LGAs will receive AEP under supervision.
  • BCE schools in the Impacted LGAs must have sufficient staff on site to ensure supervision of students attending school and for the delivery of AEP.
  • BCE schools outside of the Impacted LGAs will continue with normal operations unless the Deputy Executive Director approves an alternative arrangement. 

The updated list of exposure sites is available here. Please adhere to the Queensland Health advice for close contacts, casual contacts and low-risk contacts.   

Staffing in schools from TUESDAY 3 August - IMPORTANT UPDATE

  • In line with the Queensland Government's position, BCE schools in the Impacted LGAs will move to reduce the number of staff on school sites from this Tuesday 3 August 2021, 
  •  Please note: Only essential staff as determined by the school Principal will be required to attend school to assist with the delivery of AEP and the supervision of students attending school.

Facemask Requirements at School/Office - IMPORTANT UPDATE 

· All staff at a school site must wear masks indoors even when socially distanced, including during teaching. Masks are only to be removed if there is a student with a hearing impairment or difficulty is experienced by the students with clarity of the communication. If teachers remove the mask when speaking, they are to put the mask back on when they are not speaking. This applies to both face to face and AEP delivery taking place on the school site. 

  • Any BCE staff on a BCE school site must wear a facemask unless one of the exemptions apply.

  • All students in Years 7 -12 attending school must wear a facemask and students attending school from Prep-Year 6 are encouraged to wear a facemask but are not required to. 
  • No parents should be allowed on the school site, and if there are exceptional circumstances to allow a parent or caregiver on-site, they must wear a mask. 
  • Staff attending a BCE Office site must wear a facemask unless one of the exemptions ​apply.​​