English as an additional language/dialect (EAL/D)


EAL/D students in Brisbane Catholic Education Schools

Brisbane Catholic Education has a long-standing commitment to the provision of education that is inclusive of all students’ language, cultural and religious backgrounds. Students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds comprise a significant proportion of students in BCE schools. For many of these students, English will be a second or additional language (EAL/D) to their home language(s). Brisbane Catholic Education schools offer a supportive learning environment to all students, including those who speak English as an additional language.

EAL/D learners are classified as those whose first language/ language spoken at home is a language or dialect other than English and who require further support to assist them to develop proficiency. Teaching these students requires a specific pedagogical approach focusing on language growth in both home languages and English.


EAL/D learners

EAL/D learners bring a rich linguistic and cultural knowledge to each school. Learners will be in varying stages of English language proficiency ranging from little or no English to those whose English is enough for basic interpersonal communication but require support for academic purposes.

EAL/D learners may consist of:

  • students newly arrived in Australia
  • Australian citizens returning after a significant period of residence outside Australia
  • students of migrant heritage born in Australia
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who speak Traditional languages, creoles or dialects


Support for EAL/D learners

BCE provides a school wide approach to supporting EAL/D learners with the aim of progressing their academic learning outcomes and supporting their social and emotional growth.

BCE schools:

  • have high expectations of students
  • monitor student progress
  • analyse student learning data and respond accordingly

There are no programs or a separate curriculum for EAL/D learners. Instead, teaching and learning experiences are drawn from the Australian curriculum and designed to meet the needs of the learner. Class/subject teachers, supported by teachers with EAL/D experience (often an EAL/D Specialist teacher), provide a language aware learning environment with an individual focus for students who are new to English.