Microsoft Class Teams


Microsoft Teams is an online platform for teachers to distribute assignments, share resources and converse with students. It is also the appropriate place to establish a Class Notebook for your class.

A Class Team is created for every timetabled class in BCE and membership and permissions continue to be managed through the timetable.

​Every Class Team created there is an associated Class Site that teachers may choose to use as a way to present content and enable student discussion.


  • Integrated with O365 suite
  • Posts
  • Files
  • Assignments
  • Class Notebook
  • Accessible from all devices
  • Secure

Who is it for?

All BCE staff and students​​

How to get access?

BCE username and password

A student guide on how to login to Teams (students)

Online learning

There are easily accessible features to support online learning in Teams


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Micros​oft Teams Support

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