Microsoft Class Teams - Archiving class teams


This page describes the process through which BCE-created Class Teams are automatically archived after the subject is finished. It also describes the concept of archiving and outlines the the functionality available to teachers and students.

Archiving BCE-created teams

There is a solution in place now that allows teachers to 'archive' a Class Team. This removes the Team from the left-hand navigation and freezes all Teams activity. Teachers and students continue to have read-only access to the Team. 

BCE  archive BCE-created Class Teams on behalf of the Teachers (Owners) of these Teams at the end of the year or a few weeks after subject completion for rotational subjects. The exception to this is Year 11 Class Teams which are not archived and continue as active through to the following year - see below.

BCE-created Teams are ones that are automatically created via a sync with the eMinerva timetable. This means that if a Class Team has been used (i.e., an assignment has been distributed, there have been files uploaded and/or a Class Notebook set up) then the Team will be removed from the list of active Teams, but will remain accessible to teachers and students via the cog in the Teams interface. If a Class Team has not been used, then the Team will be automatically deleted at the beginning of the following year.

  • ​BCE archive Class Teams in the first week of the  December school holidays.
  • Subjects that finish prior to the end of the year are archived a few weeks after subject completion
  • These Class Teams will remain in the archived state for a full year.
  • If a teacher has created their own Team - these will not be archived by BCE, these will have to be managed manually by the owners.

Here is a link to Microsoft Support page​ that describes the concept of archiving Teams.

Year 11 Class Teams

We are aware of changes to the Senior Syllabus whereby Unit 3 of a Senior Course begins in Term 4 of year 11 and continues into Term 1, year 12 of the following year. There is a consequent need for the teachers and students in these classes to be able to continue to use the same Class Team the following year. Previously all BCE-created Class Teams were automatically archived in the first week of the December holidays.

The team at BCE have been busy gathering feedback and working on a solution to this issue and I can confirm that  BCE-created Class Teams for Year 11 subjects (General, Applied and VET Certificate) that continue into Year 12 will NOT be archived in the first week of the December holidays. These Teams will remain active and will be reconnected to the year 12 version of the timetabled subject in the new year, provided that the timetabler uses a consistent approach to class naming.  (i.e. 11CHE2 > 12CHE2)

The Class Team will be renamed to reflect the new subject name and any ongoing changes to teachers and students in eMinerva for these subjects will be reflected in the Class Team. All the associated Teams resources such as Assignments, Class Notebooks, Files etc will remain in the Team for continued use into year 12.

  • We recommend that teachers use the BCE-created and supported Class Teams that are linked to the timetable.
  • Teachers do not need to take any action at the end of the year for BCE created Class Teams:
    • All P-10 subjects and year 12 Class Teams will be automatically archived in the first week of the December holidays as per normal.
    • All year 11 Class Teams will remain active and will continue into year 12 as described above. 

Manually archiving class teams

To manually archive a Team, or to view any Teams that have been currently archived, click on the cog in bottom left corner of the Teams application.


To manually archive a Team, select the More options … ellipsis next to a team’s name, and then select Archive Team. (Note that teachers will not need to manually archive BCE-created Class Teams).


To view any archived Teams, expand the list labelled Archived which sits below the list of Active Teams.


​Accessing resources in archived teams

When a teacher selects their archived Team from this list they will be taken to a read only view of the Class Team:

  • Conversations - this space is frozen and users can't contribute or make new posts.
  • Files - any files here are in read-only mode but can be viewed or downloaded.
  • Class Notebook - Teachers can view their class notebook and can still open in the full version of OneNote if they are wanting to transfer content to other notebooks. Note that BE recommends, where possible, that master copies of course content be kept in School Portal.
  • Assignments - Teachers and students will continue to have read-only access to any assignments associated with the Team

Distributing assignments from archived teams

Next year, when operating in your 2019 Class Teams, you may want to push out an assignment that you distributed from one of your 2018 Teams. You will be able to do this when creating a new assignment by choosing 'from existing' which will also reveal assignments from your archived Class Teams.​

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