Microsoft Class Teams - Frequently asked questions


This page provides answers to some​ frequently as questions related to Class Teams.

​Questions and answers

Q. If a new student arrives in my class, will they be automatically added to the Class Team and associated Notebook?

A. Yes, there is a sync between Teams and the timetable each morning and any new students will be added to your Team at this time. If you have created a Class Notebook within the Teams they should also be provisioned with a section. 

​Q. Can I stop students contributing to Conversations in Teams?

A. Yes, you can go into Team settings/member permissions to ensure only Teachers (owners) can post to conversations (students will see these posts). You can also mute individual students in settings.

​Q. As a teacher I can have a private chat with other staff members, are students able to use the Chat feature?

A. No, private chat is switched off for students. They can only participate in conversations in Teams.

​Q. Can I add another teacher to my Class Team? 

A. Yes, you can easily add anoth​er Teacher to your Team.

​Q. Can I create a Team and populate it with students?

A. Yes you can, and you can even use BCE distribution groups to add students. However, unlike the BCE-created Class Teams you will need to manage the membership of the Team yourself. Also, if you leave the school or organisation during the year, ownership of the Team will not be automatically given to the incoming teacher. Other issues can arise if you create your own Team and use it over multiple years, for example, the Class Notebook will continue to accumulate students. Where possible, we recommend the use of BCE-created Class Teams.

​Q. I teach an elective subject that doesn't run all year. Are these Class Teams automatically created and will I continue to have access after the class finishes?

Yes they will be created and will be automatically archived after a few weeks after the subject close date.