Microsoft Class Teams - Turnitin integration


This page describes the current integration between Class Teams and Turnitin with the assignments workflow in Teams.

Turnitin is a third-party application that many of our colleges use for student assignment submission. In your assignment workflow form in Teams, you will see a button that will enable Turnitin’s originality checker for that particular assignment. For 2020, this integration will be in place for all teachers and students across both primary schools and Colleges.

Also, the only Turnitin feature that is integrated with Class Teams is the originality checker, you won’t be able to take advantage of other features such as feedback studio. However, if your College has a current Turnitin subscription, then BCE will meet the cost of these stand-alone accounts for 2020 while schools may still be in transition to using Teams. 

Using the Turnitin integration in Teams

In the Teams assignment form, teachers will now see a Turnitin button that can bet set to Yes by the teacher. This enables the integration for that particular assignment.


Assignment form in Teams

When a student turns in the assignment and submits a document, for example a Word or PDF document, then a similarity score will be generated that reflects the level of originality in the submitted assignment.

Click on View Turnitin Report to navigate to the full report. Both this report and the similarity report can be viewed by both teacher and student.


Link to Turnitin report

Note that if the student wants to see the report prior to the teacher viewing the assignment, they will have to hit Refresh in the Teams Assignment screen.


Student assignment view prior to the teacher accessing assignment

The Turnitin report will give both student and teacher more information about the assignment content checked against the World Wide Web and content submitted by other students using Turnitin.

​If the teacher returns the assignment and the student resubmits, then a new report will be created. 


Turnitin report

For support for any questions/issues with the Turnitin report specifically, teachers can access support at

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