Microsoft Class Teams - Video conferencing considerations


When conducting a video conference/class meeting it is important to plan to ensure a successful session and have clear behavioural expectations for your students.

Considerations for Teachers

  1. Ensure you are dressed appropriately
    1. ​​Smart-casual attire is recommended
  2. Choose a plain background
    1. Be aware of personal items in the frame
    2. Ensure lights don't cause discomfort
    3. Use the 'Blur Background' (if available on your device)
  3. Optimise your video
    1. Ensure the camera angle is focused on your face (ideally slightly above pointing down)
    2. Raise the laptop to eye level
    3. Ensure you are comfortable turning on and off your webcam within the meeting
  4. Optimise your audio
    1. Choose a quiet room
    2. Use a headset with a microphone (if available)
    3. Ensure you are  comfortable with turning on and off your microphone within the meeting
    4. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking
  5. Manage your surroundings
    1. Ensure all people in your vicinity (eg. Your home) know when you are meeting. 
    2. Ask others in the household to keep noise to a minimum
    3. If you have children home with you, ensure you are regularly interacting with them.
    4. Keep your pets away from the meeting space
  6. Look after yourself
    1. Alternate between standing and sitting
    2. Take regular breaks
    3. Ensure you have plenty of water available to you
    4. Ensure you are the last to leave a meeting (if necessary remove students from the meeting). Meetings will remain active until all participants leave
    5. Ensure you stick to a schedule and 'log off' when your day is completed. 

Considerations for Students

  1. Students should only join meetings while located in a shared space (An ideal location is a dining room with a blank wall background)
  2. Student location should be accessible to parents/guardians
  3. Students will keep their microphone on ​mute unless requested by the teacher to contribute to the discussion
  4. Students should use a headset with a microphone (if available)
  5. Students will keep their video off unless requested by the teacher to share their screen/display their learning via the camera
  6. Students will post only education specific conversations within the Class Team and do so only as directed by the class teacher.
  7. Students are reminded that all content shared within the Class Team is visible by all members of the class and teacher.