Microsoft Class Teams - Meetings - FAQ's

​​Can I do a 1:1 lesson using Class Teams?  


Teachers should not engage in a 1:1 Class Teams lesson or meeting with a student.  The following exemptions apply:  

    • ​Year 11 and 12 students who require targeted learning and feedback. 
    • Indigenous students currently in a tutoring program.  
    • Students with additional needs currently receiving 1:1 support by School Officers (while the SO is at school). 
    • Students with additional needs currently receiving 1:1 support with the STIE (while the STIE is at school). 
    • In these cases, the lesson must be recorded, and best practice is to turn off staff and student video.  

​​​​​​​​Counsellors and student support workers have their own protocols. 

How often do I have to Meet with my students? 


This is a school decision and whatever is agreed must be promoted to the staff.

Please find example guidelines below.

 P-2                                  School decision 

Years 3-6                        2-3 times per week 

Years 7-10                       2-3 times per fortnight 

Years 11 and 12               As required 

How can I stop students from entering a Class Team meeting without the teacher being present? 


Students cannot enter a Meeting until a teacher creates it.  When created via the Meet Now function, students will receive a prompt inviting them to join.  The Schedule Meeting function should not used to create a class team meeting, as it allows students to enter the meeting at any time.

​Student cannot create a meeting using the Meet Now function.

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