Our Mission

Our mission is to teach, challenge and transform through our service, support and leadership for Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Our Values

Excellence – inspired by our Catholic tradition, strive for excellence.
Integrity – as witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ, act ethically.
Justice – as people of faith, foster respectful relationships, advocating for and
empathising for those at the margins.
Hope – empowered by the Spirit, embrace the future with confidence.

Our Vision is enlivened by:

Our faith makes a difference

We celebrate our faith, giving witness to God’s hope of promoting the dignity of every person, by
  • embodying a contemporary Catholic world-view
  • nurturing a personal relationship with Jesus
  • advocating equity and justice
  • growing inclusion and diversity
  • driving ecological action
  • Success in learning and life

    We inspire each learner to grow and succeed in a changing world, by
  • maximising learning growth for each learner
  • engaging learners in deep learning
  • responding to learner voice
  • developing young people as local and global citizens
  • Partnerships enrich experiences

    We cultivate partnerships for the benefit of all members in the community, by
  • engaging all families as partners
  • prioritising wellbeing
  • deepening school and parish partnerships
  • partnering with external organisations
  • Staff realise their potential

    We nurture and grow staff to improve young people’s learning experience, by
  • developing staff through formation
  • creating meaningful career paths
  • building a collaborative culture
  • enhancing teacher quality
  • empowering leaders
  • Creative and innovative solutions

    We embrace change and drive continuous improvement for a thriving future, by
  • pursuing innovative and high quality practices
  • creating an environment responsive to change
  • reflecting and evaluating performance
  • focusing on sustainable resourcing
  • Our Story

    The gift of education, every child’s right,

    is an enlightening of the mind and heart.

    It is the joy of discovery, the searching

    of the curious, the skills of the everyday,

    the quest for excellence, the reward

    for effort. Catholic education is all

    these things – and more!

    Catholic schools are vibrant places where young people come together to learn about themselves, others and the wonderous beauty and possibilities of the world in which they live.

    Young people come to know themselves, and others, as human beings “created in the image and likeness of God” (Gen 1:26). Our focus is on the joyous discoveries of learning, the power of critical thinking, the importance of human relationships and the gifts which flow from our ancient but ever-evolving faith tradition founded in the person of Jesus Christ. Our students, at every level, are inspired to reach their potential so they will make the world a better place.

    Catholic schools aim to offer high-quality learning to meet the needs of every student. In our schools, you will find professional educators responsive to the contemporary demands of literacy and numeracy, social and emotional intelligence, cutting-edge technology, 21st century skills, wellbeing and a promotion of creativity and artistry.

    In the midst of our contemporary culture, schools seek to be a bridge between the world in which our families live and embracing the promise of God’s new world by following the Gospel vision of justice, peace, respect for all creation, and the common good of the whole human family.

    Catholic schools are not all the same. Schools respond to the needs of their local community. They each express their values and mission in differing ways: responding to charisms (gifts), seeking justice and meeting the needs of local families.

    Catholic education is a celebration of our God-given human possibilities which are always greater than we dare to imagine; it is an inter-generational gift crafted from the spirited vocation and commitment of those who have dedicated their lives to the growth of wisdom.

    – Father Anthony Mellor


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