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School funding distribution

Needs Based Resourcing Arrangements for Brisbane Catholic Education Schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane

This report has been prepared to comply with Section 78(5) of the Australian Education Act 2013 to demonstrate that Brisbane Catholic Education distributes Australian Government recurrent funding in accordance with needs-based funding arrangements that comply with requirements prescribed by Regulation.

In summary:

  • allocations of support to Brisbane Catholic Education schools are planned annually through detailed budget submissions and deliberations.
  • considered differential funding in partnership with base allocations sees schools resourced in relation to student and school needs.
  • regular reviews are undertaken of formula, as well as rationale for the allocations.
  • budgetary parameters aligned with Brisbane Catholic Education strategic objectives ensure equitable resourcing of base requirements in schools and specifically identified student needs.
  • processes ensure that resources are distributed in order to maximise student outcomes.

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