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​Brisbane Catholic Education is a learning community committed to providing quality education, informed by the best available evidence, to students from Preparatory to Year 12 across our 139 schools and 6 office locations.

We are committed to supporting research that leads to better outcomes for our students, employees and other members of our school communities.


Brisbane Catholic Education welcomes research applications that align with our Strategic Plan and priority areas.


Research priorities

Our priority research themes comprise critical areas of relevance to the organisation, which include:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Quality and Innovative Learning and Teaching
  • Sustainable Futures and BCE in the 21st Century
  • Inclusive and Holistic Education
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting
  • Leadership and Capability
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement


Read more about our research priorities and guide research questions.


Research programs

Brisbane Catholic Education operates three research programs:


Research grants

The purpose of the BCE Research Grants Program is to provide seed funding that would be attractive to both early career and experienced researchers in conducting research to address the ‘clinical lab to classroom’ gap and produce ‘translational outcomes’ for BCE and the education sector. The grants also aim to encourage beginning researchers, mentored by experienced colleagues, to undertake innovative projects.


Collaborative research partnerships

Brisbane Catholic Education encourages strategic collaborative research partnerships within and outside of the organisation. These partnerships may be initiated by Brisbane Catholic Education or by any prospective partner(s).

Examples of collaborative research partnerships include:

  • Government partnership
  • Sector partnership
  • Academic partnership
  • Industry partnership
  • Combination of any of the above


Research in schools and offices - general research (Ethics Application)

Although participation in research is at the discretion of principals or managers, no research applications are to be made directly to schools or any BCE offices. Research applications are coordinated centrally by the Brisbane Catholic Education Research Committee Secretariat.


Guidelines for researchers

Research applications are assessed by the BCE Research Committee and must be approved before research in schools and/or BCE offices can proceed.

It is important for researchers to familiarise themselves with the relevant guideline before submitting an application:


Applications and forms

Instructions: Save the required form to your desktop and open with Adobe Acrobat. Contact the Research Committee Secretariat if you have any questions.


Submission dates

Research applications must be submitted to Brisbane Catholic Education’s Research Committee for consideration according to the following 2019 schedule:

BCE Rese​​arch Committee meeting

Research application deadlines

18 February

11 February

18 March

11 March

15 April

8 April

20 May

13 May

17 June

10 June

15 July

8 July

19 August

12 August

16 September

9 September

14 October

7 October

18 November

11 November


Further information

If you have questions about research at Brisbane Catholic Education, or require assistance to complete an application, please email our Research Committee Secretariat.

​ ​​​

Brisbane Catholic Education Office

243 Gladstone Road, Dutton Park Q 4102

GPO Box 1201 Brisbane 4001 Australia

Phone: (07) 3033 7000

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