Relief Teaching

​​Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) uses ClassCover for employing relief teachers.ClassCover-icon.PNG
To gain work with BCE you are required to set up a free online profile.  Schools are under no obligation to employ you once you have a profile but they may choose to add you to their pool of relief teachers.
What is ClassCover?
ClassCover is a website and smartphone app for relief staff and schools.  Relief teachers register their details with ClassCover and schools can search through ClassCover to find relief teachers who are available for and suitable for relief teaching opportunities in their school.
What do you need?
A mobile phone (preferably a smartphone, although all mobile phones capable of receiving SMS/text messages will work with the system).
What do you need to do?
    1. Register with ClassCover
    2. Download the "ClassCover" app to your phone and/or computer available from:
    3. Mark the days you are available and unavailable for relief teaching
    4. Search for the schools you wish to work at​ (over 1000 schools use ClassCover including all BCE schools)
    5. To notify specific schools of your interest in working for them, call or email the schools once your profile has been completed


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