​In recent times, there has been a large burden on schools engaging in many varied external commitments and research applications, therefore it is no longer feasible to engage with all research requests that are submitted, without further impacting on teacher workloads and student learning programs.  As a result, Brisbane Catholic Education is currently undertaking a review to revamp its future research appraisal processes. In the meantime, we will be limiting the number of approved research applications.​

​​BCE is committed to fostering a research culture in line with the BCE vision, mission an​d values.  

In 2024, due to an increased volume of research applications, BCE is prioritising research projects that:  

  • benefits BCE, staff and students by addressing one or more of BCE's four priority areas: 
    • Improving learning outcomes for our students 
    • Innovating for future Catholic schooling 
    • Strengthening our workforce to support our students 
    • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all 

Researchers must apply for approval before seeking the participation of the BCE office or schools. In addition, a research application must be submitted for: 

  • use of BCE data not already in the public domain 
  • research with BCE to be disseminated outside of BCE e.g. academic publication, conference paper, webinars, online post, in a library or used in the media or advertising. 

A request to conduct research in the Brisbane Catholic Education office or in schools must be made using the appropriate application form: 

Applicants must read the Rese​arch Application Guide, which describes BCE's requirements. 



Please email​