Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to fostering a research culture in line with the Catholic ethos and supports research that:

  • has the potential to contribute to improved student outcomes and have local, national and/or global significance
  • is of high quality with the rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants protected at all times
  • is consistent with the provisions of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research
  • aligns with the Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan and its research priorities of:
    • Catholic Identity
    • quality and innovative learning and teaching
    • sustainable futures and BCE in the 21st Century
    • inclusive and holistic education
    • health and wellbeing
    • pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and reporting
    • leadership and capability
    • community and stakeholder engagement.

Applying to conduct research at Brisbane Catholic Education

Researchers must apply to the Brisbane Catholic Education Research Secretariat:

  • if their research involves Brisbane Catholic Education schools or offices, and/or the use of school, staff or student data not in the public domain; and
  • where the intent is that research findings will be disseminated beyond Brisbane Catholic Education, for example, contribute to academic papers, theses, reports, conference presentations, webinars or be made available online, in a library or in the media.

A request to conduct research in Brisbane Catholic Education schools or offices is made via the appropriate application form.

  • Ethics review research: Researchers wanting to access Brisbane Catholic Education schools and/or offices, or student and staff data complete a BCE Research application form.
  • If the research covers more than one jurisdictions or education system, researchers use the National Application Form found on the Australian Association for Research in Education website.
  • Small Research Grants: Each year, Brisbane Catholic Education offers small value grants through its Small Research Grants Program to promote targeted research projects that support its strategic priorities. Information about the program is published in the fourth quarter of the year with the BCE Small research grants application form due in mid-January.
  • Collaborative Research Partnership: Brisbane Catholic Education encourages collaborative research partnerships with external organisations such as universities, government agencies, charities and community organisations. These partnerships may be initiated by Brisbane Catholic Education or by any prospective partner. Researchers complete a BCE Research application form and are encouraged contact the Research Secretariat to discuss a potential partnership.
  • Research advertising in schools: If a researcher only wishes to advertise their research in a school newsletter or on a noticeboard to recruit voluntary participants, and there is no intention to conduct research on school grounds or in offices, the Research advertising in schools form is completed.
  • Capstone research: Masters students undertaking a capstone research project complete the Capstone applied research application form. This requirement is for record purposes only, not assessment.


This link provides detailed information about Brisbane Catholic Education’s research process, including further information on the different types of applications and ethical and legal requirements. A lodgement checklist and responses to frequently asked questions are also included.

Please note, research can only commence in Brisbane Catholic Education schools or offices following approval by the Brisbane Catholic Education Research Committee.


Submission dates

Research applications must be submitted to Brisbane Catholic Education’s Research Committee for consideration according to the following 2019 schedule:

BCE Research Committee meeting

Research application deadlines

18 February

11 February

18 March

11 March

15 April

8 April

20 May

13 May

17 June

10 June

15 July

8 July

19 August

12 August

16 September

9 September

14 October

7 October

18 November

11 November


For more information or assistance with completing and application, please email the Research Secretariat.