School Improvement

The role of school improvement at BCE

The BCE School Improvement Process reflects our commitment to strive for excellence through continuous improvement in how we deliver quality education.

The School Improvement Tool (SIT) is utilised by BCE for all school improvement review processes.  It consists of nine interrelated domains which identify the evidence-based best practices that are most directly related to school-wide improvement and better outcomes for students.  The SIT draws on international research on improvement practices that lead to effective leadership, good governance, and management of highly effective schools.

The role of the School Improvement team at Brisbane Catholic Education is pivotal in collectively partnering with school and support staff to assist in the improvement of practices, performance, and effectiveness of our schools. The processes undertaken intend to provide clarity and direction for the partnership between key role holders of a school environment who strive to improve their practice in serving students and their community.  The collective focus is always to provide a holistic, high-quality education in a contemporary Catholic context. The school improvement processes undertaken are rigorous but user-friendly to assist all staff in our schools aspiring to success.

BCE recognises the need for our improvement processes to be ongoing and contextual, while providing differentiated support for schools. We are challenged to ensure decisions are supported by evidence to deliver the right solutions, at the right time, to where it will have the greatest effects.

Central to improvement is student outcomes. School Improvement processes at BCE provide a consistent yet differentiated approach.

School Improvement Reviews are implemented system-wide and provide insights and learnings to assist BCE to develop tailored strategies and plans to support schools more effectively. BCE School Improvement Reviews using the SIT enable BCE schools to:

  • see and understand their school's current performance
  • identify key improvement strategies
  • analyse the impact of school performance on student enrolment and retention
  • identify and manage key risks and challenges to school performance
  • design of evidence-based enterprise strategies to inform improvement.

As staff of the Brisbane Catholic Education community, we are hope-filled, and together we foster an environment that promotes and enables high performance across our schools and in all endeavours of the organisation. With faith at the centre of all we do, we inspire and challenge one another, share our wisdom, and celebrate success.

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