​​​​​What better way to shape your career than by shaping and influencing the lives of our students and future generations.​ 

From your first day, this warm and welcoming environment will make you feel like you belong to something bigger - a united, close knit school community, all working together towards building stronger connections.  You will find genuine support and guidance from our caring, talented mentors during the early stages of your career, navigating you through each step of the way.

​Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) supports graduates ​​with:

  • ​Leadership development & networking program
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Scholarship programs to support further study
  • Opportunities in our school throughout Southeast Queensland
  • Incentives available for rural/remote areas*
  • Employee assistance program (LifeWorks) available 24x7
  • Excellent remuneration packages starting from $78,488 per annum
  • Early Career Teaching support program for your first 2​ years
  • Dedicated experienced teacher mentors
  • ​8 days or 48 hours release time per year for first and second year graduates 

​Start your journey now!

  • Complete an expression​ of interest so we can stay in touch with you about employment opportunities closer to your graduation.
  • GETconnected - join our  BCE Future Teacher Network via our Facebook group to receive information about a career with BCE, networking opportunities with fellow preservice teachers and other opportunities to assist you in developing your teaching career.
  • Create a job alert on our Careers BCE website to be notified when  jobs that match your selections are advertised.

Contact our friendly team at with any questions or queries.

Our Early Career Teachers​

​At Brisbane Catholic Education