Remote Area Incentive Scheme

​​​​​​​In 1999, Brisbane Catholic Education introduced a Remote Area Incentive Scheme. This scheme was developed as an attraction strategy to encourage teachers to travel to and remain in the five schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese, which are regarded as remote for this Archdiocese: -

  • ​St Joseph's School, Childers (IPRASS only)
  • St Joseph's School, Gayndah  (ITAS & IPRASS)
  • St Joseph's School, Murgon (ITAS IPRASS)
  • St Patrick's Primary School, Nanango (ITAS IPRASS)
  • St Mary's Catholic College, Kingaroy (ITAS IPRASS)
The criteria used to demonstrate remoteness are: -
  • Rurality
  • Distance from support services
  • Small schools
  • Part of a small community.

It is hoped that through the Remote Area Incentive Scheme, teachers will be encouraged to embark upon an educational ministry of teaching in a rural school and assist in providing rural communities with committed and continuing service.​​​

Financial Benefits

  •  Isolated Teachers' Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is calculated based on the employees personal circumstances i.e., single, have dependants and if so, the number of dependants.
  • Incentive Payments Remote Area Staff Scheme (IPRASS) is calculated based on location and how long you work in that location.  All Brisbane Catholic Education Schools are Category one ( 1), Level four (4) schools and attract the following payments: -
    • .Year one - $1,500 per annum
    • Year two - $1,800 per annum
    • Years three, four and five - $2,500 per annum
    • Year six and subsequent years - $2,000 per annum.

Both the ITAS and IPRASS payments are in addition to an employee's salary classification.​

Employment Benefits

Staff Mobility
Teachers in RAIS schools will be considered for a priority placement (change to another BCE school) after a period of two years service in their current school.

Travel leave days
To assist teachers to make the most of their leave in these locations, they receive an additional two (2) days leave per year attached to the Easter or Christmas vacation period.

Professional Development Support
Travel time, overnight accommodation and travel costs for use of private​ vehicle as required.

Reimbursement of Reasonable Relocation Costs
​BCE will pay removal costs for all teachers, senior leaders and principals accepting appointments to RAIS schools.  ​​Return removal costs will be paid as follows: -
  • after a period of three (3) years or more, all return removal costs will be met;
  • after a period of two (2) years, 50% of return removal costs will be met;
  • no return removal costs will be paid for less than one school year's service.
These conditions apply only to movement to other BCE schools within the Brisbane Archdiocese and for household and personal effects only - not to luxury items such as second cars, boats, caravans etc.  

Full details about Remote Area Provisions (ITAS and IPRASS) can be found in Schedule 5 of the current enterpr​ise agreement​.