Relief Teaching

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) offers many opportunities for relief teaching work throughout our schools. Relief teaching is also known as 'supply' or 'casual' teaching and refers to teaching on a short-term basis, standing in for teachers who need to be away from their regular classroom for a few hours or longer. 

We value our relief teachers and the important contribution they make to our schools and the lives of young people in BCE schools every day. Relief teaching offers a range of great benefits, allowing you to:

  • schedule work around your personal commitments
  • experience a diverse range of school environments and classroom settings
  • select the schools, year levels and subjects you want to teach
  • get paid on an hourly basis.

On this page you will find information about getting started with BCE and answers to frequently asked questions to help you work out if relief teaching with BCE is right for you.​​

​ ​​​
What are the minimum requirements for relief teaching?
All BCE teachers, including relief teachers, must have:
  • eligibility to work in Australia
  • relevant teaching qualifications
  • active registration with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT).
Do I have to be Catholic to be a relief teacher with BCE?
All BCE teachers must have a commitment to and understanding of the ethos and traditions of Catholic Education. Our teachers who teach Religious Education are required to be Catholic and attain accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school. If this role does not require you to teach Religious Education, you do not need to be Catholic.

How do I register my interest to do relief work with BCE schools?
BCE uses ClassCover for schools to connect with relief teachers for short-term, casual teaching engagements.

BCE schools manage their relief teacher pools independently. Once you're set up in ClassCover and connected with a school or schools, you can communicate with them directly about your availability and opportunities for relief work.

We strongly recommend contacting the school/s you would like to work for to let them know you're set up in ClassCover and keen for relief teaching opportunities!
What is ClassCover?​
ClassCover is a website and free smartphone app for relief staff and schools.  Relief teachers register their details with ClassCover and schools can search through ClassCover to find relief teachers who are available for and suitable for relief teaching opportunities in their school. 

What do I need to do with ClassCover?

Firstly, you'll need a mobile phone (preferably a smartphone, although all mobile phones capable of receiving SMS/text messages will work with the system).     

  1. Register with ClassCover
  2. Download the "ClassCover" app to your phone and/or computer available from:
  3. Set up a profile for yourself with the required information
  4. Mark the days you are available and unavailable for relief teaching
  5. Search for the schools you wish to work at (over 1000 schools use ClassCover including all BCE schools).


I need help setting up my ClassCover
Please note that setting up a profile in ClassCover makes you available to schools to add to their pool of relief teachers, however schools are under no obligation to employ you once you have a profile.          

Do I need a BCE 'number' or registration?
No. You are required to have active registration status with QCT for the duration of any engagement in our schools and provide your QCT registration number.

Upon starting your first engagement with BCE you will be assigned a unique employee identification number via our payroll system. (You'll keep this number wherever you go as a BCE employee).

There is no other BCE-specific registration required.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours or days for relief teachers?
Relief teachers may be engaged for a minimum of three hours per day and a maximum of 11 days in respect of any one engagement.

Relief/casual employees must work at least one day every three months to maintain their employment. If an employee does not work for BCE within three months or more, a break in service occurs.

If you have not worked for BCE for a period of three months or more (excluding being on leave), you will be deactivated in the payroll system – this means that your employment with BCE is terminated, and you'll lose access to email and our IT systems.

You are most welcome to take up work with BCE again, but will need to provide up-to-date information, ensure your ClassCover profile is active, and the school will need to complete the onboarding process in ClassCover again.
What documentation is required to begin working with BCE?
You will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Qualifications
  • QCT Registration
  • Previous service - Statements of Service
  • Tax File Declaration
  • Superannuation fund
  • Proof of eligibility to work in Australia
  • Bank details.
How do I get paid?
If you are new to BCE, you will be set up in our payroll system from your first engagement with one of our schools. You'll need to provide your tax, direct debit and superannuation fund details to our payroll team.

To calculate the appropriate rate of pay, you must provide Statements of Service including Leave Without Pay (LWOP). Read more about requirements for Statements of Service.

While this information is pending, you will be paid at a rate equivalent to the Graduate level in the salary​ scale for teachers. Once the required information is received and verified, any back payment owing will be paid, and the rate adjusted to the correct proficiency level.

After starting with BCE, you will have access to submit online timesheets for payment for hours worked
Do I have to do any mandatory training prior to starting?
Prior to starting you will need to complete mandatory training which is critical for the safety and wellbeing of our communities, for compliance with the law, and for BCE to deliver its current and future priorities.  

You will be given access to complete the mandatory training modules through our online learning management system. Some mandatory training such as Local Fire, Evacuation and Emergency procedures and Local WHS Induction and Refresher is provided face to face at the school.       

We understand that sometimes in emergent situations it may not be possible to complete your mandatory training before you commence in the classroom. You must however complete your training as soon as you gain access.

Do I​ need to have an accreditation to teach?
Every registered teacher in a Catholic school in Queensland requires Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic school. Every registered teacher of religion in a Catholic school in Queensland requires Accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school.    

All relief and part-time teachers are required to hold and maintain an Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic (AT) or Accreditation to teach Religion in a Catholic school (AR) or the equivalent in ecumenical schools.    

Having accreditation to teach Religion is useful if you are relief teacher or part-time. It may lead to a short-term contract or access to more days of relief teaching as a primary school teacher or secondary teacher of Religion. 

As a relief or part-time teacher your requirements for accreditation to teach Religion or teach in a Catholic school are dependent on how many service hours you have worked in a calendar year.    

All new relief teachers will have an initial status Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic or Ecumenical School (AT) and be required to hold and maintain this status. If you teach Religion and do not have full accreditation to teach Religion, you will be awarded an Interim status to teach Religion in a BCE school on employment.   

Will BCE recognise my experience in another diocese o​​r education system?

BCE recognises relevant experience in other education systems such as Department of Education, RI schools, other dioceses and other states. Please provide all statements of service as soon as possible so that we can calculate the correct rate of pay.       

Can I work in other BCE schools and/or different education systems at the same time?

Absolutely. We appreciate the benefits that relief teaching offers, especially flexibility. Many relief teachers work in more than one BCE school and/or the state school system as well.       

Can​ I apply for other teaching jobs with BCE?
Yes! We are always looking for great teachers for fixed term contracts and continuing opportunities.

You can search for current opportunities on our careers page and apply directly to any role that interests you.

If you are keen to experience something different and just want to dip your toe in the water (or dust!) our rural schools offer great teaching experiences plus the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new community and lifestyle. We offer additional financial benefits and incentives, too!      

Perhaps you're a teacher looking to slow down but would like to pick up some relief teaching work while you caravan around the Burnett and Wide Bay region or you're starting your teaching career and looking to deepen your experience quickly? There's something for everyone at BCE and our rural and regional schools have lots to offer!

For futher queries

  • If you need assistance with ClassCover, head to ClassCover Support for further information on how to complete and manage your profile.
  • For all school-related queries – what to wear, where to go, who to ask for, what happens next – contact the school directly.
  • Reach out to for other general employment queries.​​​​​​​​​​​​​