​​​​​Procurement & Supplier I​nformation
Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) is a faith-filled learning community with 146 schools and offices in the South East Queensland from Childers in the north, the Gold Coast to the south and west to Gayndah.

BCE recognises the importance of building strong, collaborative relationships with our suppliers and is committed to fostering relationships with business partners and suppliers who share our values and our commitment to sustainable, ethical and legal business practices.
Find out more: BCE’s Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF, 157KB)
Brisbane Catholic Education’s applicable terms and conditions for any requests for the supply of goods or services can be accessed via this link.​

Supplier requirements

​Our suppliers play an essential role in the successful delivery of services to our schools and corporate sites. 
​Suppliers to BCE must be able to:
o Health and safety
o M​odern slavery
o Quality assurance (quality management certified preferred)
o Risk management
o Corporate social responsibility.​
  • Demonstrate relevant technical capabilities and experience and have the capacity to perform contractual obligations.
  • Demonstrate financial stability and have in place appropriate levels of insurance.
  • Demonstrate compliance with appropriate legislation.

Buying Platform

BCE is implementing an eProcurement solution to improve how we do business with suppliers.
Find out more: BCE’s Buying Platform – our new eProcurement solution.

Becoming a supplier to BCE 

If you are interested in working with BCE, please send your details to​
Your details will be recorded by BCE Procurement f​or future reference.​

Contact us 

For further information or general enquiries, email