Complaints Procedure for Non-compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) is committed to ensuring that all staff comply with their responsibilities as detailed in the Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes (BCE Student Protection Processes). BCE takes all allegations of non-compliance with BCE Student Protection Processes seriously.


Which complaints are managed under this procedure?

Only complaints about non-compliance with BCE Student Protection Processes may be made under this procedure. Any person may lodge a complaint where they believe that a staff member has not complied with BCE Student Protection Processes.

Other complaints should be referred to the school to manage in the first instance, or if the complaint concerns the principal, the school’s Senior Leader - Learning and Identity. For Northside schools telephone 3490 1700 and for Southside schools telephone 3440 7900 for assistance.


How is a complaint lodged?

1. Access the Record of Complaint about Non-Compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes form


2. Complete all the questions on the form – if you need assistance to complete the form please contact Professional Standards and Student Protection on (07) 3033 7409.

You are requested to provide your name and contact details. You may make an anonymous complaint, however, the complaint will only be able to be assessed and progressed where sufficient details are provided. Insufficient information may mean that further action by BCE may be limited.

In addition, you are requested to provide:

  • the details of the staff member who you believe may not have complied with BCE Student Protection Processes, including their name and school;
  • the details of your concern;
  • other information which you believe may be relevant; and
  • the outcome you wish to see/how you would like the issue resolved.


3. Submit the form to the Director Employee Services by clicking on the SUBMIT button at the end of the form

Save the form and email it as an attachment to
Print the form and post to Director Employee Services, Brisbane Catholic Education, GPO Box 1201, Brisbane 4001.


What happens when my complaint is received by the Director Employee Services?

The Director Employee Services will forward your complaint to the relevant Senior Leader who is the Complaint Manager. The relevant Senior Leader will acknowledge receipt of your complaint form and provide you with a timeframe for addressing and assessing your complaint and decide the most appropriate course of action to address your complaint. This may include:

  • telephoning or meeting with you to clarify your complaint;
  • referring your complaint to the school principal for management if the complaint does not relate to the principal;
  • coordinating any enquiry necessary in order to address the complaint;
  • facilitating remedial action if student protection processes have not been followed; and
  • communicating with you at the conclusion of the process.

In some circumstances BCE may conduct a systems review coordinated by the Senior Officer Professional Standards and Student Protection in order that BCE may improve its processes. A complaint may also progress to confidential disciplinary action against an employee.


Will my information be stored confidentially?

Be assured that all information is confidential. Procedures are in place to secure files and prevent unauthorised access.


Unsure about whether you should make a complaint to BCE?

If you require further information about this procedure, please speak with your school principal or contact Professional Standards and Student Protection on 07 3033 7409.