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​Throughout 2020, we are looking to our diverse communities for your life-changing, funny and compelling tales.

Your story may certainly begin with where you went to school, and who your classmates and teachers were; where you have worked, or even where you now find yourself in life.

Yet, we wish to hear your Story (with a capital ';S"!) of happiness, emotions and friendships and how a Catholic education or workplace helped shape who you are today.

Be sure to share your pictures of days gone by and how a Catholic perspective brings forth the important question, "how have I created a better future for others?"".

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St Mary's School, Laidley, Year 6-7 class of 1931

St Mary's School, Laidley, 1960s

St Francis Xavier School, Goodna, Class of 1932

Sr John (Regina) O’Donnell, Principal, Miss Lee and the 55 children of St Paul’s School, Woodridge, 1969