Why our schools shine


Catholic schools are for everyone

Our schools welcome students of all abilities and we understand that no two learners are alike, therefore we place great importance on creating opportunities for students to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways.

Why a Catholic school?​​


Learn by nature

While following the national curriculum, Catholic schools base our philosophy of child-led learning in highly flexible spaces and natural outdoor environments, as much as possible.

Our modern schools expand beyond the classroom walls, seamlessly integrating the latest designs and technologies with workspaces that often spill out to the school grounds.

These environments provide a rich variety of inter-connected spaces for small groups, large groups, one-on-ones and are both internal and external – a far cry from the classrooms of old.

One of my younger years 'classes' involves play that could result in a scratched knee here or there but there is a lot of learning that happens in the process of falling down and getting back up.

Year 2 Teacher

St Peter's Primary, Caboolture


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Getting the plans right

Catholic schools are widely recognised for a successful balance in building new schools to accommodate growth and to ensure that our existing schools do not fall behind.

Every new-build, or refurbishment, is planned extensively to maximise impact on positive learning outcomes for students and be cost-effective.

We are responsible stewards of every dollar entrusted to us, therefore we incorporate sustainable design to keep students comfortable, drive down operating costs and reduce emissions.

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Sparking Curiosity

Our Sparking Curiosity project is a series of challenges for students to extend their skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Twice a year, students from all year levels will have the opportunity to respond to an exciting challenge. The first challenge is happening now – creating a Rube Goldberg Machine.

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Future-proofing students

Today’s kids will have up to 17 different career roles during their lifetime and it is this that has Catholic schools giving priority to Vocational Learning.

To give students the best education we can, it is critical that we shift the mindset away from a linear pathway or single career outcome.

Our Vocational Learning help students to develop a portfolio of skills that can deepen over time and become highly portable across many roles and industries.

Traditional vocational education is just scratching the surface, whereas Vocational Learning overhauls how we help students by teaching adaptable capabilities as early as possible, providing more specialist career development staff in schools, tertiary pathway support, and work-related partnership opportunities.

The main difference is that this occurs from Year 7, not in the final years of secondary school and we work with each student and their family to develop as many career development skills that connect to emerging workplaces of the future.

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Assisting our Defence families

We understand the pressures on Defence families and the impacts this may have on your child. Many of our schools offer the specially designed Defence School Transition Programs to help your child effortlessly move schools.

Catholic schools are conveniently located in suburbs surrounding Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera and RAAF Base Amberley in Ipswich.

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