Teacher Induction

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direct deposit advice.pdfdirect deposit adviceRead, Complete/Sign & Return
Application for Teacher Accreditation Status Review.pdfApplication for Teacher Accreditation Status ReviewRead, Complete/Sign & Return
Standard Super Choice Form.pdfStandard Super Choice FormRead, Complete/Sign & Return
Tax File Number Declaration Form.pdfTax File Number Declaration FormRead, Complete/Sign & Return
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Eligibility to work requirements.pdfEligibility to work requirementsRead
Employee Assistance Program (Provided by ASSURE).aspxEmployee Assistance Program (Provided by ASSURE)Read
Fair Work Information Statement.aspxFair Work Information StatementRead
Teacher Accreditation Information.aspxTeacher Accreditation InformationRead
Working with Children Check (Blue Card Screening) procedure.pdfWorking with Children Check (Blue Card Screening) procedureRead
Injury Assist.pdfInjury AssistRead
Statement of Principles for Employment - Schools.pdfStatement of Principles for Employment - SchoolsRead
Casual Employment Information Statement.aspxCasual Employment Information StatementRead
Prevention of Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination policy.pdfPrevention of Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination policyRead
BCE Code of Conduct.pdfBCE Code of ConductRead
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Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2023 - 2026.pdfEnterprise Bargaining Agreement 2023 - 2026Read
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Vision Statement.aspxVision StatementRead
Map of Archdiocese.aspxMap of ArchdioceseRead
Whistleblower Policy.aspxWhistleblower PolicyRead
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Statement of Service procedure.pdfStatement of Service procedureRead
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Teacher Induction Guide.pdfTeacher Induction GuideRead
Teacher Role Description.pdfTeacher Role DescriptionRead
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Teacher Salary Scale.pdfTeacher Salary ScaleRead