Notre Dame College announced as new name for Sunshine Coast school


Deputy Executive Director Dr Doug Ashleigh visits the site of the new Prep-Year 12 school planned by Brisbane Catholic Education - Notre Dame College at Bells Creek. Dr Ashleigh is pictured with Father Joshua Whitehead of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Caloundra.

​Notre Dame College – a name to be remembered – was announced Monday 14 March, as the name Brisbane Catholic Education plans to call its’ latest Sunshine Coast school in Bells Creek. 

The Prep to Grade 12 Catholic co-educational school will join Brisbane Catholic Education’s 146 schools across South East Queensland. 

​Brisbane Catholic Education’s Acting Director Dr Doug Ashleigh travelled to the site, naming the school for the first time. 

“Notre Dame College – it really has a ring to it,” said Dr Ashleigh. 

“In French it means ‘Our Lady’, and the Parish up here is called Our Lady of the Rosary in Caloundra - so it is a wonderful connection. 

“Notre Dame is a name steeped in history. 

“However, unlike the Parisian monument we all think of when we hear the name Notre Dame, this Catholic school has its whole future ahead of it, as do the 1900 students who will be educated here.” 

“While we don’t yet have a date the school will open, we are working with our planners and our funding bodies. This is a priority school, and we will be moving on it as quickly as we can, starting with our Prep student and Year 7, and building the school up from there.

“We already have a very engaged community here who have filled out around 100 expressions of interest for their children to attend in the future.  

“This interest is testament to the growth in this community.” 

The fast-growing Stockland estate of Aura, in Nirimba, has been chosen for the school and today Dr Ashleigh unveiled the 7.89-hectare site in the ‘prime centre’ – south of Aura Boulevard. 
He said the new proposed school is part of an ongoing response to accommodate the community’s education needs and the increasing number of families moving to the area who are seeking a Catholic education for their children.  
Father Joshua Whitehead, the priest appointed to the Aura Catholic Community, says the opportunity to provide both top quality Catholic education and a sense of belonging and community for families exists within new communities. 

“Our dream is to create an inclusive Catholic community moving into the 21st century where it ok to be where people are at in their faith journey and build a new culture on this green fields site,” said Fr Joshua. 

Mrs Shelley Morey is one of the parents who is thinking about sending her two sons, Mason, and Hayden, to the proposed Catholic school. 

“We are new parishioners of the Catholic Parish in Aura and the hope of having a new Catholic school in our own community, to send our children to, is exciting,” said Mrs Morey. 

Families can register their interest now to receive updates about the proposed school here: 

Media contact: Marnie Finster, Brisbane Catholic Education. P: 0419 216 064 
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