Get to know some of BCE's Prep teachers - Conor Pomeroy

​​St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School The Gap Prep teacher Conor Pomeroy.

With 19 years as an Early Years Educator, St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School The Gap, Prep teacher Conor Pomeroy is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the classroom.   

With a passion for Early Years Education Conor says she was initially drawn to teaching in Prep after becoming a mother herself.   

 “I felt that with the insight I had gained from witnessing pre-school child development, and with the knowledge I had about educating children, I knew I could provide a nurturing aspect to both my youngest students and their families,” she said.   

“There are so many things I love about being a Prep teacher. 

“An obvious one is the big growth in learning that we get to see from the beginning to the end of the Prep year.”   

When speaking about her favourite thing about being a Prep teacher, Conor says she enjoys planning new and fun experiences for her students.
“I plan my classroom activities around the interests of the student group, no one year is ever the same,” she said.   

“I will admit, I do like to have a bit of fun with the children in my class. 

“I love to hear their funny stories and sing different songs together.”   

“As a Prep teacher I am most passionate about connecting with each of the children in my care and I believe that if I can develop a good relationship with my students, I can best support them as learners.”   

Conor added she loves being part of the St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School community.   

“Being part of a faith filled learning community, I believe I am teaching children to be able to operate better in our future society,” she said.   

“Through the school’s faith, we teach our children to demonstrate compassion towards others and that everyone is created in the likeness of God.”   ​

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