Twins record prompts question – is it ‘something in the water’ at St Vincent’s Primary School, Clear Island Waters


With nine sets of twins and one set of triplets enrolled this year, the students at Clear Island Waters school St Vincent’s Primary won’t be blamed for seeing double when they returned to school on Tuesday 24 January. 


Brisbane Catholic Education are inviting the students, enrolled across Prep, Year 1, 2, 5 and 6, to a special photo opportunity on Friday 20 January 


St Vincent’s Primary School Principal, David Sewell said, having nine sets of twins and one set of triplets across any one school is very unique.” 


“What’s even more special is that we have three sets of twins starting in Prep,” he said. 


“It’s my 18th year as a Principal and I have never seen seven sets of twins at any one school. 


We feel very blessed to have so many twin families starting at our school at the one time. 


Our school community is all about supporting one another, fostering inclusiveness and individuality, and we welcome this blessing! 


Some say it could be something in the water in Clear Island Waters, but nobody really knows what causes these types of things. 


As Jesus said: Let the children come and we hope for even more sets of twins and triplets enrolled in 2024!” 


Mermaid Waters Mother Giorgina Stewart has twins, Angus and Jack, age 5, starting Prep at St Vincent’s Primary School next year and says they’re excited to be dropped off to school with their big sisters and order at tuckshop.   


For my twins it’s the little things in life that excite them,” she said.  


The twins love their new school and teacher and have been wearing their Prep shirts everywhere.  


They are also thrilled that they’re in the Prep yellow, which also happened to be their favourite colour.  


“They’ve been raving about the yellow chairs in their classroom. 


“The boys are truly counting down the sleeps until school starts.” 


The super sibling sets are 21 of over 800 students ready to start school next week at St Vincent’s Primary School Clear Island Waters. 

For more information about St Vincent’s Primary School Clear Island Waters click here. 

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