2023 Preps are ready for 3 times the fun at St Joseph’s Bardon

Despite the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that only 1.5% of births are multiples, St Joseph’s Primary School Bardon are defying the statistics and welcoming three sets of twins to Prep this year.  

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school Principal Fran Burke says St Joseph’s Bardon has been working hard to support all Prep families with transitioning into the school community, offering advice and flexibility. 

“More than 80 pre-prep students from the surrounding local area visited St Joseph’s through our “Open Day” tours and Prep Orientation mornings in October,” she said. 

“These experiences gave our 2023 Prep students and their families an opportunity to explore our facilities, experience the playground, feel connected and welcomed, to meet our amazing teachers and support staff, and to ease possible anxiety around starting school. 

“Another opportunity for connection was when the Bardon Kindy Kids visited over two mornings to be guided by our Year 6 student leaders through exciting STEM and robotic activities using our extensive resources. 

“Another initiative St Joseph’s undertakes is the Kindy visits by our Support Teacher: Inclusive Education. We get to know our learners coming the following year and the students meet a friendly staff member that they will recognise at school. 

“Our Year 5 and 6 Buddy Program provides the opportunity for our Prep students to spend time each week with an older student to build relationships, learning school expectations and foster community. 

“We look forward to seeing our 2023 Prep students and their families’ smiling faces on our first day of school on 24th January.” 

Parents report that the head start has been an immense help for their children who now feel excited, prepared and ready for the start of school.  
“Angus and Ellie already know some lovely Joey’s families and can’t wait to make new friends,” said Paddington mum Jess. 

Alby and Audrina are so excited; they have been wearing their prep uniforms to kindy this term,” added fellow Prep mum Anna, of Bardon. 

Father of twins, Jude and Felix, Chris Ernst, from Bardon said; “Starting Prep is a huge milestone – not just for our twins but for us as parents too.”
At Joseph’s, there is no shortage of support and advice for parents. 

“Two different hair styles are a good option for twin girls,” shares mum of Year 3 twins Noami, of Red Hill suburb.  

“We also chose to separate them in different classes; by Year 2 they built their own friendships, have different interests and talents.”  

Other twin families shared how St Joseph’s was the perfect fit for their unique considerations. 

“Frankie and Maddie are quite different girls, at differing levels scholastically and developmentally,” said parents Petta and Ed, who live at The Gap. 

“We toured other schools in the area but chose St Joseph’s as Fran the Principal could guarantee support by putting our girls in separate classes.  

“We didn’t want them to feel the pressure of competing and it’s difficult to separate them outside of class which can make them too reliant on each other. 

“St Joseph’s is the right size where it is big enough to separate our twins and other twin families have enrolled for the support we receive.  

“This has helped our children not feel ‘unusual’ being a twin, and allowed us to form close friendships with other twin families, being a great benefit not only to our girls but us as parents, making friends with others that understand our circumstances.” ​

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