A bright future awaits BCE’s class of 2023!


​St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge.

3822 students graduate from 39 of Brisbane Catholic Education’s (BCE) 146 schools across South East Queensland today (Friday 17 November). 

The Year 12 classes of 2023 were congratulated in graduation ceremonies across 29 secondary and 10 Prep to Year 12 schools.   

BCE Head of Education Marisa Dann called the graduates both adaptable and talented. 

 “There is a kaleidoscope of talents, dreams, and aspirations among this cohort, all born out of a BCE education,” she says. 

"And by developing the skills to engage in learning on demand, our graduates have mastered adaptability, a proficiency that meets the needs of the real world.” 

Marisa added that no matter the path they tread, whether to higher education, vocational training, or directly into the workforce, the graduates will “carry the indelible imprints of a Catholic education with them.” 

“The wisdom and skills they have garnered over the years provide a solid foundation upon which they will build their futures,” she says. 

“As they step into the world, I encourage the graduates to carry forward their passions with resilience, courage, and action as they forge their path as global citizens who give back to their communities.”  

The Head of Education also noted the sacrifices of the families, the dedication of their educators, and the support of the entire BCE community in their education journeys.  

“With the teaching of their Catholic education as their compass, the graduates will turn their knowledge into action in their mission to make a difference,” she added. 

Marisa says although this may be the end of one chapter, the journey of learning is lifelong. 

“For our BCE graduates, this milestone is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to expanding horizons and making a positive impact on this world,” she says. 

“Congratulations to the class of 2023!” ​

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Mt Maria College Mitchelton.
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Mary MacKillop College Nundah.

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