A BCE #myamazingjourney doesn’t have to end at Year 12


​Cortney's journey with BCE from primary, secondary to now as Campus Minister. ​

​FROM a learning journey of her own, to now inspiring and transforming the young people of today. 

Campus Minister Cortney Claridge reflects on her journey so far with BCE which started as an eager-to-learn primary student – showing us how growth, opportunities and support stretches from the school grounds to the workplace.

“Last year I was recognised for five years of service to Brisbane Catholic Education. But my time within BCE begins before my career started in 2017.

Spending almost 80% of my life within BCE, my understanding of Catholic education's ethos is embedded within me. Being able to witness and experience the profound impact the vision and mission for the ethos and traditions of Catholic education has on students, staff and their families strengthens my commitment to upholding and nourishing it.

I began my BCE journey at St Joseph's Primary, Nambour, before completing my secondary education at St John's College, Nambour. At 18 years old I accepted a maternity leave contract as Campus Minister at Unity College in Caloundra West, and my current position a year later at St Patrick's College in Gympie.

I know I wouldn't be where I am without the unfailing support, guidance, and encouragement from my colleagues. From those who have taken a chance on me, to those who have continued to challenge me. BCE is an incredible organisation to be a part of, and I look forward to continuing #myamazingjourney." 

We currently have a variety of opportunities across BCE from teaching, school senior leadership, school officers to corporate roles at head office. Visit our careers page to find out more and start your BCE journey. 

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