BCE’s newest Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers tell their stories of impact


​Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers Jade Bricknell, Lilliana Ceccato, Jodie Maller, Lachlan Hull and Mandy Freshwater with BCE Executive Director Dr Sally Towns.

While all teachers aim to have a powerful and positive impact on their students, - Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers achieve a qualification for improving the work of their colleagues and initiating programs across their schools and beyond. 

In October 2023, they were celebrated at a special ceremony with their Principals and BCE leaders and joined the current cohort of 10 HALTs working across BCE. 

Organisational Capability Senior Advisor Kathleen Collin called achieving HALT certification “an enormous undertaking” due to it taking teachers between one and five years to achieve. 

“There is a dedicated focus on the impact that these teachers have on their colleagues,” she explained.  

“There is also a focus on the impact that these teachers have on their schools and beyond. 

“In 2023 BCE’s HALT certified teacher numbers grew by 50 per cent. We also have almost 90 teachers working towards being certified at Highly Accomplished or Lead level.” 

Read about the impact BCE’s newly accredited HALTs have had in their schools: 

Lilliana Ceccato - Mathematics Middle Years Teacher, Mt Maria College Mitchelton. 

Lilliana is a former primary school teacher at Mt Maria College Mitchelton who has a passion for making learning engaging and inclusive in the junior secondary years.  

She supports her colleagues to evolve their teaching and learning, and her classroom is a place where her colleagues watch her model inclusive and engaging teaching strategies and effective collaboration. 

Lilliana also models impactful feedback strategies, advises on positive behaviour management approaches, and mentors colleagues who are new in their teaching careers.  

Jodie Maller - Prep teacher, Our Lady of the Angels’ School Wavell Heights 

Jodie is an enthusiastic teacher at Our Lady of the Angel’s School Wavell Heights who is always seeking new ways to engage her students 

As a Highly Accomplished Teacher, she models and supports her colleagues to use the same strategies with the students in their classrooms. 

Jodie has shared creative ways to provide feedback and engage parents and families. 

She models the innovative use of technology and showcases the effective use of play-based learning. Jodie has talent as a creator of resources and activities that engage young learners as they develop literacy and numeracy skills. 

Lachlan Hull - Primary Learning Leader, St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School Holland Park 

Lachlan led the development of a review of curriculum compliance at his school, St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School Holland Park. 

He then developed a plan to implement suggested changes with the teachers at his school.  

This has led to St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School reflecting best practice in learning and teaching 

Jade Bricknell - English, Languages and Literacy Curriculum Leader, St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge 

Jade has initiated projects to help students with literacy skills, as well as improving teaching practices at St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge. 

She has supported the school with its effective use of a writing analysis tool, coordinated a school-wide writing program, and facilitated a Year 9 personal development program. 

Jade also mentored her colleagues who are new to teaching and contributed to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority senior assessment and syllabus writing programs at a lead level. 

Mandy Freshwater - Digital Innovation Leader, St Columban’s College Caboolture 

Mandy has provided professional development and technical advice to her colleagues, including early career teachers and students studying to become teachers. 

She has also developed initiatives to engage families with the school’s information and communication technology systems, as well as hardware and skills used by the students at St Columban’s College Caboolture.  

Mandy’s lead initiative was a First Nations Program inspired by the BCE Molum Sabe Strategy which aims to integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the curriculum. 

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