BCE embraces the miracle of life ahead of Advent and World Children’s Day 



​Seven babies, including one set of twins and an expectant couple, are among those who were blessed by Father Anthony Mellor at Brisbane Catholic Education’s (BCE) annual Baby Blessing Liturgy today (16 November). 
The joy-filled event coincides with Universal Children's Day on 20 November and the eve of the Advent season, where we celebrate the period of waiting for the birth of Jesus. 
Catie Kelly, BCE’s Senior Education Officer Catholic Identity, says the faith-filled celebration, now in its 18th year, brings BCE staff together amidst the spirit of the anticipation of Advent. 
“The Baby Blessing is a jubilant BCE tradition,” she says. 
“It is a moment for all of us to welcome these precious new lives, gifts from God, into the embrace of our broader BCE family and bless those parents awaiting the birth of a child. 
“The liturgy also honours the families within our community who have experienced the loss of a child, reminding us of the resilience that exists in our collective support and compassion and the strength we can find in the presence of our God.” 
BCE Administrative Services Officer Natalie Bayley welcomed her first child Benjamin 14 months ago and says getting her son blessed is important to her and her partner Dylan. 
“Providing our son with the understanding of the importance of our God and how He can nurture us through life means a lot to us,” she says. 
“We are getting Benjamin baptised at the start of December and this blessing will be a great start to our religious journey with Benjamin.” 
During the sacred liturgy, BCE parents stepped forward to share their heartfelt aspirations and dreams for their newborns futures. 
Natalie added she hopes Benjamin will be a happy healthy baby with the “courage, determination and perseverance to follow his dreams.” 
“We wish for him to be strong in himself and understand the value of independence, self-love and love for others,” she says. ​

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