BCE student reflects on 13 year schooling journey at St Patrick's College

​​​St Patrick’s College Gympie graduate reflection – Poppy Laing.​​

For the 13 years I have attended St Patrick’s College, I have not only received an outstanding education but have been nurtured and supported within a faith-filled learning community. 

As a St Patrick’s College house leader in 2023, I now stand on the precipice of graduation, where I find myself reflecting on my time throughout secondary school. 

I will take away the encouragement provided by teachers and role models, the support system of friends and peers who travelled with me on this journey, and a sense of self that will drive me into my next chapter of life.  

As a senior leader, I have learned to value hard work and determination, skills needed to achieve my future aspirations. 

As I graduate into adulthood, I want to make the world a place where genuine connection still holds significance within our increasingly technological world. 

The idea of leaving the comfort of a community that has been so influential to me does seem daunting at times; but St Patrick’s College has equipped me with a set of skills, attitudes, and beliefs that will serve as my compass as I enter new and unchartered waters. 

To be raised in a school community like St Patrick’s College is something that I am incredibly grateful for and, as I graduate, I hope to carry the spirit of St Patrick’s College with me, contributing positively to the world and creating a community wherever I go. 

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