Book Week is back and it’s not just the costume that matters!


​St Joseph's Primary School Murgon students.

​Inspiring a love of reading is the primary focus of students in Brisbane Catholic Education schools this week during Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week (August 20 to 26).

During this time, students, and their educators spend one glorious week celebrating books and Australian children's authors and illustrators.

Then of course, there is the all-favourite 'Book Week parades' where students and staff come dressed as their favourite book character and show off their colourful and imaginative creations in front of their peers and school community.

BCE Head of Education: Strategy, Policy and Innovation Marisa Dann said, “Parents often struggle to find or make the right costume for their children and we sometimes forget the true meaning of CBCA Book Week," she said.

“It's not the costume that matters, it's about inspiring a love of reading.

“At BCE we know it is crucial to build a love of reading in the early years, and CBCA Book Week is a great way we can develop interest in books and provide students the time they need to explore their favourite novels.

“The research shows reading for pleasure improves students reading skills as well as learning outcomes, which is why weeks like this are so important in the early years.

“We've found encouraging students to dress up is a great way to celebrate reading. It is also a learning activity, where students can also explore their creativity through improvised scenes, help create a culture of reading, and educate other students about their favourite book."

Marisa added the 2022 theme of CBCA Book Week is 'dreaming with eyes open'.

“This year we are encouraging BCE students to particularly explore stories told by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples," she said.

“It is so important for our students that First Nations culture in Australia is both passed down to Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, as it builds respect and understanding, learning about the history and cultures of this nation.

“At BCE we recognise the importance of students learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, and Peoples as it benefits all our students, and helps create culturally safe schools that fosters and encourages reconciliation."  

About the Children's Book Council of Australia and CBCA Book Week

The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is a not for profit, volunteer run organisation which aims to engage the community with literature for young Australians. The CBCA presents annual awards to books of literary merit, for outstanding contribution to Australian children's literature.

Each year since 1945 the CBCA has brought children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week.


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