Get to know some of BCE’s Principals – Liam Beatty


​​​St Thomas' School Camp Hill Principal Liam Beatty with students.

As one of the youngest Principals in Brisbane Catholic Education, Liam Beatty is making an impact on the education world and changing the lives of students as he goes.  
Since starting his first Principalship in Term 4 of 2022 at St Thomas' School Camp Hill, Liam said being entrusted to lead a vibrant Catholic school is a great privilege.  
“St Thomas’ School was founded by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, 94 years ago,” he said. 
“With a school so rich in history and community spirit, I aim to continue to build upon the great work of those who have gone before me. 
“It’s so great to be able to work with the students and create safe learning environments in which they can achieve their full potential and have fun, which I find so rewarding.” 
And uses the saying ‘Be Your Best’ with the students every day. 
“If all our students and all members of our community are bringing the best version of themselves to school today, then there is no limit to what we can achieve together as a community,” he said. 
Liam added that he didn’t always seek to be a school Principal.   
“I didn’t pursue Principalship actively, I started out as a teacher and then became an Assistant Principal and then a Head of School, but I am glad this role found me,” he said.   
“It was during my first few years of teaching that the Principal and Head of School at the time saw leadership potential in me - potential that I didn’t even know existed.  
“This was extremely empowering for me and gave me confidence as I stepped out of my comfort zone and pursued leadership opportunities. 
“I am still learning everyday what makes a great Principal, but I do know if I keep the students at the core on of everything I do, I will make a positive impact.”  
Liam said he jokes that he has never quite left school and never will. 
“I always come to work with a plan, despite knowing it doesn’t always turn out as I imagined,” he said. 
“The knowledge that the day is never going to go as planned - that is part of the excitement. 
“There are not too many jobs out there where you can comfort a family in the morning, play basketball at lunchtime with the students, listen to a child read for the first time, and then make important decisions about school budgets in the afternoon. 
“I wouldn’t change a thing about my job.  
“I love working with our dedicated and professional staff, school community, and students who are all a pleasure to work with.” 

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