Get to know some of BCE’s principals in their new role – Jayne Solomon



Instead of waiting for a ‘tap on the shoulder’ to become a Principal, Jayne Solomon decided to take her career into her own hands – completing a professional development program that has since led her to her first Principalship role.  

Now heading St Joachim’s School Holland Park, Jayne credits the BCE Women Breakthrough to Principalship program for her success, with the program encouraging women to take up school principalship roles, addressing the need to increase the number of women in principalship positions across BCE schools.    

 Jayne said it gave her the confidence and motivation to apply for Principalship roles. 

“The program taught me how to take the next steps in my career,” she said. 

“Some people like to wait for the tap on the shoulder to apply for Principalship, and the program really empowered me to challenge this way of thinking and take control of my journey to Principalship.” 

“I have worked for BCE for over 20 years, and I loved being in the classroom, but I am excited to give back to my school community in a different way in this role. 

“Having been a classroom teacher for a long time adds to my ability to effectively lead my school community, because I am aware of the challenges and needs of my students and staff. 

“It was never my intention to become a Principal, but I’ve had great mentors at BCE who have continually encouraged me to pursue leadership, and I’m glad they did. 

“As an educator, one of my mottos is to embrace every opportunity. 

 “I said yes to the opportunity to lead a school community, and now in my first permanent role as Principal I am excited to encourage my students to say yes to opportunities that come their way.”  

Jayne said as they get to know each other, her school community will soon know how passionate she is about running and her children’s sports.  

“I love running and spending time with my family, watching my boys play AFL, and my daughter play water polo,” she said. 

“I am a very active person, and I am excited to share my love of sport with my new school community.”  

Jayne’s leadership experience includes Acting Principal at Holy Cross School Wooloowin, Assistant Principal Religious Education at St Joseph’s Primary School Kangaroo Point and Acting Principal at St Joseph’s Primary School Kangaroo Point. 


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