Get to know some of BCE’s principals in their new roles – Daniel Hodge


Daniel Hodge is no stranger to the school yard - having come from a family of educators. 

In his first permanent role as Principal at St Bernards’ Primary School Upper mt Gravatt, Daniel reflects on his upbringing, which inspired his career path. 

“My Mother was a Principal and she really was the person who inspired me to become a teacher,” he said. 

“I never really sought out Principalship, but I am so glad it has found me, and my family are all very excited for me.” 

Having already spent a year as Acting Principal of St Joachim’s Primary School in 2022, Daniel said he is excited to combine both his leadership skills and passion for sport in this role. 

“I’ve loved every minute of being part of this school community over the years and I feel extremely humbled to have been offered this position,” he said. 

“My students know I’d much rather be out on the field with them, than in the office. 

“Being on the field is how I connect with my students; it’s how I get to know them better.”  

Daniel’s dreams and ambitions for his new school include ensuring all students have opportunities to explore their interests.  

“I love sport, but I also know that it’s important to create opportunities for all my students to shine, whether it be in chess, music, drama, science, mathematics, or arts,” he said. 

“As they say teamwork makes the dream work and I can’t wait to continue to work with the St Bernards’ community in 2023.” 

Daniel’s leadership experience includes Acting Principal of St Joachim’s Primary School Holland Park, Assistant Principal Religious Education at St Joachim’s Primary School, and Acting Assistant Principal Religious Education at Queen of Apostles Primary School Stafford.​ 

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