Get to know some of BCE's Prep teachers - Courtenay Smith

Holy Family Primary School Indooroopilly Prep teacher Courtenay Smith with students. 

In her second year as a Prep teacher, Holy Family Primary School Indooroopilly educator Courtenay Smith has been keen to start the new school year with her students. 
With a passion for the outdoors, surfing, running, and healthy eating, Courtenay said she “tries to instil the importance of having a healthy body and mind into her students.” 
“I am not only invested in their learning, but in them as people,” she said. 
When speaking about her passion for early years education Courtenay said, “to start this journey with her students in Prep is a joint adventure.  
“Prep is where school life begins,” she said. 
“The beginning of a person’s educational journey provides the springboard for success in life. 
“Starting this thirteen-year journey together will have profound implications for their entire life, which is why I am so passionate about instilling a love of learning, self-belief, self-efficacy and good learning habits early on.” 


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