Get to know some of BCE's Prep teachers - Nikki Davidson

With a passion for early years education, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Sandgate Prep Teacher Nikki Davison is living out her life mission to create learning environments that supports each child’s development needs. 

I have a love of working within the early years, supporting children’s transition to school life and supporting their developmental needs,” she said. 
“Being the first person in a child’s education journey is something special. 

“You are introducing them to a love of learning, and you can experience so many wonderful, new adventures alongside a child in Prep and their family. 

“Every learner has their own interests, strengths, and learning pace.  

“Supporting those from the beginning allows the children to flourish at their own pace.” 

Nikki added she always aims “to create an environment where all of our children feel safe, supported and happy.” 
“Every classroom has its own family dynamic,” she said. 
“I work hard at creating a team or family mentality, even within the early years, to ensure our team is always working together and supporting each other. 
“I hope my students leave at the end of the year with a love of learning and so many happy memories. 
“Sacred Heart is such a special community, and we are really lucky to be here all together.” 


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