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Erin Wedge is the perfect Principal to lead one of north Brisbane’s leading all girls schools - Mary MacKillop College Nundah.   

Her passion for educating young women is reflected in her mission to create women who are global citizens.  

“I am committed to empowering my students through holistic education, nurturing not only their academic growth but also fostering their individuality, critical thinking, and empathy,” Erin says. 

“This will equip them to navigate the complexities of the world as confident and compassionate global citizens." 

Erin, who brings 20 years of leadership experience to the role, says she is excited to lead her school community into its 60th year as the new Principal after acting in the role since the end of March 2022..

"As we approach our 60th anniversary in 2024, our celebration will not only commemorate our heritage but also reflect our commitment to foster the uniqueness of every individual grounded in a culture of welcome,” Erin says, highlighting how the size of the College enables her students to be 'known by name.’ 

“I am committed to nurturing a close-knit community where individual growth is cherished and supported, fostering a vibrant and inclusive educational experience for students.” 

Erin explains that as a Catholic school in the Josephite tradition, a Catholic tradition founded by the Josephite Sisters, the College puts emphasis on creating courageous young women who show integrity and serve others. 

“Using the Josephite Tradition as my guiding light, I am committed to creating spaces for my students to find their voice and become catalysts for the common good,” she added. 

Erin says she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to build upon the remarkable progress achieved in the last two years including continuing to work on the schools Positive Behaviour for Learning framework, known as ‘The MacKillop Way.’ 

“The framework aims to collaborate with our students and their carers to help our learners make better decisions,” she says. 

“By working together with students and their parents, we can create an environment where students thrive academically and grow as responsible, compassionate, and resilient individuals. 

“Since implementing The MacKillop Way, we have noticed our students are more engaged, self-assured, and better prepared for the challenges of our ever-changing world.  

“I'm thrilled to continue this important work because I believe it's the key to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.” 

Erin says she is proud to be part of such a diverse and welcoming school community. 

"This diversity is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and our unwavering belief that every student deserves the opportunity to be known by name,” she says.  

In Term 1 2024, Mary MacKillop College will open a new state-of-the-art building offering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics rooms, as well as flexible classrooms, and a modern library.  

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