School’s in for The Gap’s newest Acting Principal


​​​St Peter Chanel’s new Acting ​Principal Paul McGlone makes a difference to the lives of young students at The Gap.  He is pictured here with Years 5 and 6 Library students Ruby Hamilton (left) and Parker Stayte.​

​Paul McGlone, the new Acting Principal at St Peter Chanel Primary at The Gap, says he’s ready for the top job.​

He has 30 years’ experience in educational leadership and teaching under his belt, and three children of his own.

Last year he was Assistant Principal at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Primary at Wavell Heights, a position he held for more than 10 years. 

“I feel humbled and a great sense of privilege and responsibility,” he said.  

“St Peter Chanel is a unique school centred around love and compassion. The school is known for its wonderful culture, and I look forward to being a part of this community that has helped make a difference to the lives of young children for 50 years.

“Apart from the incredible facilities we have, more importantly we have highly professional staff who are wonderful role models and warm-hearted individuals,” he added.

This year, St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary celebrates 50 years of teaching since the school opened. The school plans to host a golden jubilee celebration with a range of festivities planned to celebrate the history and achievements of the school.

Mr McGlone says he will continue to raise the high standards of the educational excellence in literacy and numeracy performance following last year’s strong NAPLAN performance at the school.

“I have high aspirations for our school where we seek to provide high-quality learning opportunities for our students to achieve beyond their potential.”

Mr McGlone is well-qualified with a Master’s degree in Education Leadership, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Teaching.

“I started coaching childrens’ sport when I was 15 years-old and that really inspired me to pursue the journey of becoming a teacher.

Mr McGlone has already taken his new role in stride, playing cricket and handball with students after school each day and visiting classrooms regularly to get to know each, and every child.  

“There’s no better feeling in the world than watching kids learn, grow and achieve success, and knowing that you played a role in making a difference in their lives. 

“I’m the eldest of eight siblings and my parents instilled in me a love of working with young people, seeing the best in them and trying to nurture that,” he added.

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