Southern Cross Catholic College relaxing into this year’s NAPLAN test


​Southern Cross Catholic College student ready for NAPLAN.​

Ahead of this week’s national NAPLAN test, Southern Cross Catholic College students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 are feeling cool, calm, and collected.  

The Scarborough-based Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school’s leaders are also confident.  

Principal Chris Campbell said he and his staff are guiding their students into 2022 NAPLAN testing (10 to 20 May), with the support of school data showing that 2021 student results improved between Year 3 and 5 and is greater than the Australian average.  

“We’re committed to using Brisbane Catholic Education’s Assessment Capable Learners Initiative, a targeted and explicit improvement program designed to improve student performance across the board,” said Principal Campbell.  

“The initiative helps our students achieve excellent growth and provides our teachers with a good understanding on the areas we need to target, to help our students to get their next lift in learning. 

“In order to create assessment capable learners, our school prepares our students every day of the school calendar for important tests like NAPLAN - it’s built into our curriculum. 

“Because we are preparing students year-round, students feel more at ease and confident at NAPLAN time.   

“As well as NAPLAN testing, Southern Cross Catholic College is firmly committed to developing the skills and capabilities contained within the Australian Curriculum.  

“The combination of a specifically designed improvement program, along with quality classroom teaching which promotes the key areas of the Australian Curriculum has been a significant factor in student improvement.”  

The Principal said the school wants students confident and prepared. 

“We instead encourage our students to relax, get a good night’s sleep, and focus on having a positive mindset going into NAPLAN,” he said.  

BCE Head of Education Marisa Dann said the key to the BCE schools’ success is a bespoke tool created specifically for BCE students.  

“At Brisbane Catholic Education we focus on creating assessment capable learners every day of the school year,” Ms Dann said.  

“Instead of cramming, BCE schools focus on good first teaching year-round.  

“All year-round our students practice with learning tools, like the BCE Writing Analysis Tool, which focuses on preparing students for great writing in every subject.  

“Developing assessment capable students is focussed on the skills and dispositions you need for learning and performing, which benefits students in all assessment situations, not just NAPLAN.” 

Southern Cross Catholic College parent Dalene Wray said her children are more than prepared for this year’s NAPLAN test. 

“Southern Cross Catholic College does a great job of not only preparing our students academically for NAPLAN, but also emotionally,” Mrs Wray said. 

“My children know that a positive mindset, a good night’s sleep, and a healthy breakfast is all they need leading up to NAPLAN. 

“I know my children feel prepared and ready to take on NAPLAN, and I am excited to see them do their best on this year’s NAPLAN test.” 

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