St Flannan's lights up school grounds with Lantern Parade for 70th anniversary


​©Brisbane Catholic Education, St Flannan's School, Zillmere (2024).

St Flannan’s School Zillmere grounds were aglow over the weekend as students took centre stage, illuminating their school's 70-year celebrations. 
Partnering with Multicultural Australia, students had the opportunity to make their own luminous lanterns which were used in their school’s Luminous in the Neighbourhood Zillmere lantern parade on Sunday (21 April). 
St Flannan’s School Principal Cheryl Bell said, “Multicultural Australia’s Luminous in the Neighbourhood Zillmere was an opportunity for the school to embrace and showcase its commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion”. 
“Our school community boasts a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, with 57 distinct cultural backgrounds represented among our student population in 2024,” she said. 
“Our 70th anniversary was not just a marker of time but a testament to our enduring commitment to multiculturalism and community cohesion. 
As part of these celebrations, we wanted to reaffirm our school’s commitment to multiculturalism, partnering with Multicultural Australia to showcase the richness of cultural heritage within our school and surrounding neighbourhood.” 
The lanterns the students made will also be used at Multicultural Australia’s upcoming annual Luminous Lantern Parade at South Bank in August. 
LUMINOUS in the Neighbourhood Zillmere was proudly supported by Brisbane City Council. 
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